Frequently Asked Questions.

Caricature Artist  in San Diego

How Do I get you to draw at my party?

Go to my contact page here at ​PoisonousMe.  

What are your fees?​

Go to for more info or email us to get a quote for special events.

How fast can you draw?

Black and White sketches are the fastest and generally only take 3-5 minutes.  Color Sketches take just a few more minutes, anything from 6-10 minutes.  I recommend B&W for big events and color for smaller events with less than 20 guests.  Note that color and B&W have different pricing. 

What types of payment do you accept and how does it all work?

I accept cash and checks only.  Checks must be made separelty to each artist if more than one artist is hired.  Paypal accepted ONLY for digital caricatures.  A deposit is not necessary but the full amount must be paid at the end of the event including if any overtime.  travel fees might apply if your event is outside of my service area (North County, San Diego) 

What if we ask you to stay longer?

Over-time rate is the same as the hourly rate we agreed on.  30 mins = x.5 rate and so on.

What do we need to provide you with?

2 chairs, if you event is outdoors make sure that I won't be freezing, frozen fingers are no good for drawing.  A well lit area, if your event will take place at night.  The rest is provided by me.

We need more artists, do you have more artists?

I do, I know a lot of REALLY good artists and will only bring the best to my events.  Quality is my number one priority.

What's the pricing for single caricatures?

Contact us, prices vary per request.