Hello! You are here because you want to get some custom work done. Since I work on all kinds of requests I have to make some rules on what can and cannot be done. Read them carefully and let me know if there's any questions. Thanks!

I need photos

Send your reference photos to along with a description of what you want. Please send at least one photo per subject, ultimately I will choose the best one to work from. 

Bad photos: blurry, bad lighting, small, weird facial expressions, old photos, cropped.

Good photos: clear, front facing, recent, smiling. 

How much?

Pricing is per person or per pet.  Each one takes the same amount of time and effort. 

Black and White

1st person or pet = $30

any additional + $15

Can be done DIGITAL or on PAPER


1st person or pet =$50

any additional + $25

Can be done DIGITAL or on PAPER

Digital or Paper



Digital you will get a download and you print it yourself.

Paper you will choose wether to pick up the artwork in person or pay to have it mailed to you.

Shipping is your responsibility, I do not make a profit from shipping costs. 

Sizes are: 11x16 for paper.  Digital is 11x14. 

The moneys

I will email you the online payment options.

Once I accept your order and receive the payment your drawing will start.

Never had a dissatisfied client but here's the obligatory agreement:

By continuing with this process you accept my terms mentioned privately between client-artist and in addition acknowledge that:


  • There are no refunds on work already done. 

  • Each artist has a unique style and you have decided to hire me to draw your request in my style.

  • Commissions are first-come-first-served, and artist's availability might change if I take too long to respond.

  • What a caricature is and will accept my vision and exaggerations of the subject(s) you want me to draw.

  • All artwork is final. There are no refunds or re-draws.

  • If I submit poor-quality, blurry, blocking the subject or far-away photos I will accept the fact that this might affect the likeness.

  • Subjects might look different from different angles, I will choose a photo that best represents the subject and will accept the result.

  • Any changes to the drawing must be expressed in writing via email or text prior to the start of the piece.

  • I will provide specific dimensions/resolution if needed.

  • Pricing is decided based on deadline, detail, request.  Eg. An additional request under a different deadline will not be the same amount.

  • I will provide specific details if needed or will accept the artist's vision.

  • There are no edits on artwork, and understand I cannot manage the direction of the drawing once it's begun.

  • My request cannot be worked on until I make the payment agreed upon.

  • Work requested after the artwork has been turned in will be treated as a new project/fee.

  • If agreed by both parties the project can be edited and more work can be added as time allows for an additional fee.