To finalize your booking please fill out this form completely. If you are unsure of any fields please contact us, I want to make this the best possible experience for you. Please let me know of any special instructions this helps ensure I arrive on time for your event.

Set-up and requirements

All events:

  • The artist will arrive 30 minutes - 1 hour prior to the event for set-up.

  • Each artist will need 2-3 chairs available, to be provided by the client/venue.

  • Artists wear professional black attire unless instructed not to do so.

Digital events:

  • Digital art requires access to electrical outlets.

  • Each artist will need 2-3 chairs and a table available, to be provided by the client/venue.

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If your package requires a logo we will contact you to provide your files. 

Traditional Only

In order to provide a safe and healthy way to perform our artists and clients for all events will be strictly required to provide or allow the following:

  • An open space for the artist to perform, no crowded small spaces where the artist will be surrounded by people. Open or outdoors spaces are preferred. 

  • The artist will wear a face mask to protect their health and those around them. 

  • No lines to be formed behind the artist or any sort of crowding allowed. A signup sheet will be available to avoid this.

If you are unable to provide or allow any of these temporary rules please contact us before filling this out. We are following all safety measures mandated by our state.