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Yay! Let's do this!

Before you continue please read this

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Our Set up Requirements

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By filling this out you creating a contract to book an artist to perform at your event.

This is not a quote.


Please fill it out carefully and make sure all the information is correct.


If you are looking for quote or have any questions please contact us here.

All events:

  • Each artist will need 2-3 chairs.

Digital events:

  • Access to electrical outlet.

  • Each artist will need a table as well.

Lastly we ask you to please be considerate when choosing our set up area if working outdoors.

Cold fingers are not good drawing fingers / provide shade on sunny weather.

Make sure the area will have enough light or has access to electrical.

Breaks: Long events might require rest breaks for our hands and backs, we will follow our state's mandatory break laws and will do our best to stagger our breaks if multiple artists are hired to make sure the fun continues!

Rain Cloud

Ok! I'll need two things:

  1. Fill out the form below.  

  2. Send a non-refundable $100 deposit.  Don't worry that goes towards your total, unless the event gets cancelled or rescheduled and we can't accommodate the new date. 

1.The Deposit

You have a few choices:

  1. Zelle - Bank transfer, just tell us the details on how to find you.

  2. Venmo - Online - tell me your handle and I will request the deposit.

  3. PayPal - Pay with a personal or company credit card. No Account required.

 If you don't have any of these methods of payment please let us know so we can contact you and figure something out.

New contracts without a deposit cannot be finalized.

2. Service Contract

Tell me your information

Tell me about the event

Untitled_Artwork 10.JPG

Tell me about the artwork you want

Can't remember which one you picked?

Click here to see all packages available.

Untitled_Artwork 6.JPG
Do you want to add any extras?

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon!

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Minimum Hours: 
Weekdays 2 hours
Weekends 3 hours
All December 4 hours

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